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Buro de Pijp, Eerste Jan Steenstraat 72-72 1072 NN Amsterdam
Ph:+31 85 130 5667

Workspace Buro

Book exactly the space you need, for as long as you want

A space where inspiration and energy come your way as soon as you open the door. No two days are the same. A good place to work if you  don’t want to be attached to a monthly subscription.

We believe that people work optimally when they are in an environment full of inspiration, flowers and plants, with a good atmosphere, close to home.

About Our Space Buro

Engage, Collaborate, Concentrated or have a Meeting.

  • Full of Natural Light and Colors
  • Perfect Network Connections
  • Uniquely Design Workspaces
  • Inspiring spot with Plants and Flowers

LOT61 Coffee Buro

Want speciality coffee while you work? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve partnered with the best, LOT61 coffee roasters to provide you with a great coffee experience while you work.

Feeling Hungry Buro

Coming soon: Healthy sandwich, salad or fresh fruit and vegetables!

We’ve created a selection of organic healthy snacks, pastries and sandwiches for you to choose, so you don’t go hungry.

Our Partners Buro

We build unique spaces reflecting the interplay between function and location

Our architect partner, Muller en van Tol helps bring our vision to life with site-specific, tailor-made workspaces that boast uniquely designed working areas and furniture pieces. Everything fits together in a natural way and reflects the interplay between function and location.

Locations Buro

See where Buro will open next

Buro de Pijp is the first location of our national concept. You will find us in several cities and neighbourhoods in the near future.