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Buro de Pijp, Eerste Jan Steenstraat 72-72 1072 NN Amsterdam
Ph:+31 85 130 5667

Buro De Pijp stays open during the lockdown!! You can work safely at our spaces.

Buro De Pijp Amsterdam

Welcome to Buro, your safe workspace

We are committed to making everyone feel cared for the minute they enter Buro de Pijp. That has always been our commitment, now more than ever before.

Buro de Pijp safety standards are; increased sanitization, reduced capacity with 30%, added behavioral signage, frequently changing filters, opening windows for fresh air circulation, and more.

We always apply the covid-19 guidelines from the Dutch government and the RIVM. Visitors are asked to disinfect their hands upon arrival, and wash their hands several times during the visit. Visitors are asked to sit as much as possible and ensure the 1,5m distance. Visitors are asked to wear face mask while walking around.

About Us Buro

Only pay for the time you use, 4 euro's per hour

We are not an office and not located in the business district, but close to your home.

We are the living room in the neighborhood where you meet, study, work together or  alone, or just coming by for some coffee.

About Our Space Buro

Beautifully built spaces, full of natural light and colors unique architecture


A focus area to keep
you in the zone

A wonderful place to work in a focused manner.


Have a Lot61 coffee
with a colleague

Catch up with colleagues, clients or just a friend.

Call or Video

Have a meeting
without distraction

A quiet corner to have calls or video conferences.

Video or call

Jump on a video call

A soundproof room where you can hold your meeting.

Amsterdam, we’re here

Buro De Pijp

Buro De Pijp

Buro Buro

Buro De Pijp


Buro De Pijp

Lounge or Table Space

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